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Posted: June 3, 2011
Writing the Wave
Taking to the stage!

Well, I told you I would post more information about the off-off-Broadway play I am in right now.  Here goes!

The show is called “OSWALD: The Explosive Interrogation” by Dennis Richard.  It is playing at the Richmond Shepard Theatre (309 E 26 St, Manhattan).  It is based on the real interrogation of Lee Harvey Oswald by Capt. William Fritz, the head of the Dallas Police Homicide Division in 1963 in the immediate aftermath of the shooting of President Kennedy.  I play Detective Jim Leavelle, Fritz’s right-hand man.

I would love it if you could come see me and the rest of the amazing cast.  The show runs through June 18th.  Find more info at

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Venus -- September 28th, 2011 at 6:49 am

I love your show!!!! A few months back you had John Talbot on your show, I am wondering will it be possible to show his Videos “Quiet Relections” again on the Net. If I recall his Quiet Relections was one of the first music videos on the Net, to be honest is is what now has made me a fanantic of the NET.
Please create a slot for John Talbot “Quiet Reflection Videos” again because I am getting really tired of viewing them on Youtube. I do not recieve the same spritual feeling as if I were to look at them on the Net.


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