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Posted: January 17, 2012
A time to remember Haiti 1/13/12
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Two years since the devastating earthquake struck Haiti, and more than half a million people on the Island nation are still living in tents. And many of them don’t have the basic necessities – like running water, toilets, medical care and – something we know all about here in the U.S. – jobs.

Some of the blame for this can probably be placed on the slow process of putting relief funds to work. Although more than $4.5 million dollars was collected, less than half of that amount has been put towards rebuilding and recovery.

But one Church official in Haiti is calling on the people of his country to build their own future. Port au Prince Archbishop Guire Poulard is urging people to put their hope in God. Poulard says Haitians cannot live only from international begging and that people need “to roll up their sleeves.” The Archbishop urged all the victims of the quake to have courage and know that the Church is with them. A year ago, Pope Benedict selected Poulard to take the place of Archbishop Joseph Serge Miot, who died in the earthquake.

And, back in Brooklyn, it was also a time to remember – and pray. The Brooklyn Diocese Haitian Apostolate gathered at Holy Family Church in Canarsie – on the two-year anniversary of the earthquake.

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