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Posted: September 10, 2012
Actor Kuri on “For Greater Glory” 8/30/12
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In it’s first weekend in theaters, it came in Number 10 at the box office. It may not seem like such a big return, but it is when you consider it did so with a lot less advertising and fewer screenings than the Hollywood blockbusters.

For Greater Glory tells the story of the 1920’s Cristero War, a people’s revolt against the anti-Catholicism of the Mexican government.

On September 11th, For Greater Glory will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray. For more on the film, our Liz Faublas spoke with actor Mauricio Kuri, who plays the part of Blessed Jose Sanchez del Rio.

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Jim Cichochi -- September 14th, 2012 at 9:22 pm

I just read a few reviews on this movie that really upset me. The first critic says this movie was too Catholic and to that I say I should hope so. The second critic says that the death scene of Blessed Jose Sanchez del Rio was milked to play on our emotions. To that I say Duh! I think the scene was overwhelming and yet it had to be to convey what this boy died for.
This boy never bothered anyone and only wanted to give his life to go to heaven. I think that most people would love to have a son with this kind of faith and courage. I say to this critic were Jose’s feelings toward his parents at the grave site milked for them? How hard it must have been for the parents of Blessed Jose to see their son have his soles cut from his feet then made to walk in salt before he was made to walk to the cemetery and then after walking part way there to be hacked with machetes and then after arriving at the hole in the ground to be bayoneted before being shot and, all the while knowing there was nothing they could do for him. This scene for me made it possible to feel the hurt he went through and in doing so this boy’s courage and faith has restored my faith to me.

This movie will be successful not by the amount of dollars it makes but by the number of people who will return to their faith. There are going to be future wars concerning our faith I only hope that we can be half as brave and courageous as the Cristeros. Viva Cristo Rey!

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