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Posted: January 10, 2011
Addressing the Human Genocide – 1/7/11
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“Downright chilling”: that’s what New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan
has to say about the city’s abortion rate which, at 41 percent, is
almost twice the national average.

The Archbishop was joined Thursday by Brooklyn Bishop Nicholas
DiMarzio and other local religious leaders to announce a bold effort
to lower that number. We sent our cameras to the gathering in Midtown
Manhattan. The event was organized by the Chiaroscuro Foundation,
which funds a number of initiatives that includes pro-life causes.

Eileen Peterson -- January 12th, 2011 at 9:20 am

Every day in our beloved country of America we lose 3,000 + babies to abortion. This war on the unborn has claimed over 50 million mothers and fathers,grandmothers and grandfathers,aunts and uncles and sisters and brothers. We are the walking wounded and have lost our greatest natural resource, our children. Thank God New Yorkers will finally be aware of the death and destruction in our state. Get on a bus, Monday, January 24, and March for LIFE in Washington D.C. Pray that New York will no longer be the abortion capital of America!

Catherine Donohoe -- January 12th, 2011 at 5:39 pm

I am the President of a Queens based crisis pregnacy center, The Bridge to Life, Inc., We have helped over 4000 people with material assistance this past year alone, as well as counsel young pregnant girls.
We need to spend more time and money educating our young adults about the sanctity of human life before they find themselves pregnant.
It is about time the NYC open its eyse to the number of abortions that are performed within our boundries!!
Take young people to the March on Washington. Let them witness what other young people are doing to save their generation!!!!

Karen Raab -- January 13th, 2011 at 5:33 pm

I know many, many women who have aborted their own children not understanding the politics of life and that places such as Planned Parenthood . . . when a women is in crises have turned to them for help,the wrong people, who most definitely have not had the mother & father’s best interest at heartxo leading them only down a road of life-time regret and remorse over their deadly & final decision – never offering them hope to continue the life of their baby. Life is the most important issues there is . . . and communicating the truth of the developmental stages of their young babies and the reality that if their child were not terminated (killed), they would have a child today who calls them Mom and loves them unconditinally xo A person with so much potential – “A soul is born at the moment of conception, not delivery”. I pray for our country to repent everyday and turn from this ungodly procedure, ungodly sin, that ends a life. At 21 days their babies heart is already beating, before the that mother even knows she is pregant with childxo Already thriving and growing . . . with senses and awarenss much more profound than what is being communicated to the parents in need, in crises – people that need help and support – love and care.

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