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Posted: July 5, 2011
Jornadistas “Journey” to their New Home 7/05/11
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A long-awaited change of address has finally come for the Cursillo Movement, Jovenes De Valor, and the Jornada Movement, three popular Hispanic, young adult ministries in the Diocese of Brooklyn.

For 44 years the Jornada Movement (jornada means “journey” in Spanish) called the Saints Peter and Paul Spirituality Center – a plain, red brick house in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn – home. For over four decades in that unassuming building, young men and women prayed, praised, and grew in faith together. What had been on the horizon for months finally became a reality as hundreds of Jornadistas past and *present gathered to bid their home a final farewell.

And as they shut the doors to the center for good, many carried their memories and newfound energy for evangelization right along with them as they journeyed by foot to their new home at Transfiguration Parish in Williamsburg.

alfredo steven andrade -- July 6th, 2011 at 2:32 pm

Great memories always in my heart of such a great place,CC house was my step to changing my life, dosent matter were you are from, we all pretty much came from the same back ground or life style,east newyork is were I’m from and I andmy family see it all crime,drugs,murder it was apart of our lives till I found the jornada group at age 14 that I knew their were better people to be around and a place that I could build may faith in God,My sister was a great influence as well Yvette Ortega she is the reason I still walk this earth today and very grateful to God for having such great support,Im very happy with my life thanks to the help I recvied from such a beutiful movement,I live in Tampa and have a beutiful wife and to beutiful girls, I work for the school system at a ese school and I’m a naval reservist with 14 YRS (7 ARMY) I thank God and the jornada group for everything, WHO LOVES YOU BABY CHUITO AND YOU KNOW WHY!!! Steven Andrade J92

Macho Cordero/Museo Jornadista -- July 7th, 2011 at 9:57 am

Great Memories in the House Chuito Built.. And many great memories to be had at Nazereth our new home. May our Lord continue to by the focus of all our lives and reason for our Evangilization. I live and continue to live J79, and sincere thanks for all the instruments utilized to help me, from sacrifices, aux’s and the love the Jornada has always had for me. I continue through the Pages of the “Jornadista Museum” offer the venue to see not only a bit of the History of the MJVC, but the live testimonies of over 1,155 members of the “Jornadista Museum.” Thanks again for such a powerful and emotional story and look forward to seeing you all at the “Museum”
Macho Cordero J79,
Page Administrator
Museo Jornadista

Awilda Rosado -- July 7th, 2011 at 12:33 pm

I did my Jornada in January of 1984 from the parish of St. John’s the Evangelist. I was always active within my parish as I consider it my home, but also participated from activities from the Jornada movement such as Vigilias, Clausuras, Plegarias, Zone visits, retreats, etc. Although I drifted from the movement a little, I never forgot alot of my friends which I always maintained a good relationship. After years, I have re-united with alot of my old (veterans) brothers and sisters and have found a love in my life which I encountered in our Museum of Jornadistas , which is a museum to share thoughts, prayers, pics, music, testimonies and spread the word Of Our Gracious Lord. What a wonderful thing, not only to find our friends but to make more new frienships! What a blessing it is to become an instrument of God and spread the good news! God Bless you, all for each and everyone one of you are truly special!

Evelyn J-67, JJ-6 -- October 26th, 2011 at 1:19 pm

Wow… Que video mas bello!! La casa donde por primera vez me encontre cara a cara con Jesus, Chuito como le llamamos con amor… Donde volvi a nacer a mis 16 anos de edad. Por muchos anos fue nuestra casa… aca llore de dolor, de tristeza y de alegria. Aca comparti momentos hermosos e inolvidable con hombres y mujeres quienes han sido mis fuerzas en tiempos de turbulencia, momentos que solamente fueron consevidos por la Gracia de Dios. Ahora se han serrado las puertas pero Dios sigue mas vivo que nunca en mi corazon. Ahora estamos en una nueva casa la que he acogido como un nuevo comienzo lleno de Esperanza. La esperanza de dar mucho mas de Dios por medio de mi persona… La esperanza de que mi hijito de 15 anos pronto pueda vivir su Jornada. Que el tambien conosca por si mismo la inmensidad del Amor de Dios. Esa es mi Esperanza, mi Sueno… por lo que lucho!! No solamente por mi hijo si no por tantos jovenes que necesitan de el Amor de Chuito! Con El y su hermosa madre Maria salgo adelante, con mi mirada puesta en nadie mas que en Dios!! Todo a Jesus por Maria y todo a Maria por Jesus!! Que asi sea! Que Diocito los bendiga!

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